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Published on October 26th, 2013 | by Craig Homeyard


You can play the PS4 without installing the day 1 update

For the remote few of you that still like to play games offline and not experience the world of PSN and competitive multiplayer, there’s no reason to feel alienated with the release of the PS4.  Shuhei Yoshida has now revealed that the console will still appeal to those of us that chose to solely play our games offline.

On the first day of release there will be a title update for the PS4, until recently it was thought that this install was mandatory and had to be completed.  But Yoshida has now said that this is not the case and people will be able to to play the PS4 offline without having to install the update.

So no mandatory day 1 update for the PS4

If you chose not to install the update and leave your PS4 offline, you will be missing out on loads of great features.  The update which is 300MB in size will include all of the following goodies when it is released alongside the PS4 on November the 29th.

  • Remote Play
  • Second Screen
  • Gameplay recording and uploading gameplay
  • Gameplay spectating and broadcast
  • Play as you download
  • Multi log in
  • Party chat
  • Voice recognition and commands
  • Background music player
  • Online multiplayer (of course)
  • Blu ray disc and DVD player

So it seems that the PS4 will still be able to play games if you chose not to instal the update, but not much else.  Although i’m sure that this is a reassuring comfort to those of us that do not have a constant internet connection and can only get online rarely, it seems that Sony is keen to not leave anyone out of the PS4′s party.

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