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Published on September 1st, 2013 | by Craig Homeyard


Win an Xbox One through Doritos and Mountain Dew

As some of you already know Doritos and Mountain Dew have partnered with Microsoft and the Xbox One.  However this isn’t to bring you the next generation of Doritos Crash Course, this is to bring you your very own Xbox One console.

Specially branded versions of Doritos and Mountain Dew will contain online codes which are redeemed into the form of online currency.  The use of this currency?  As of November the 5th online auctions will start for these participants to bid and actually win Xbox One consoles.

As of September the 30th you can start stockpiling your codes online, we just urge you to be careful about stockpiling on the pounds from all of these snacks that you will undoubtably be eating to get the codes.  Obviously the more codes that you put into the site the more funds you will have to bid with, and the greater chance you will have of walking away with an Xbox One console in November.  Or you could be a normal person and simply buy one from your local game store, but people like challenges I suppose… right?

Those lucky few of you who are attending PAX Prime can also find codes hidden around the convention centre, the reason they are here is because Xbox One consoles will be going up for auction on Sunday at 9PM.  Obviously the same rules apply as in the more codes you find = the more funds you have to bid with.  Think of it as a gaming version of hide and seek.  The PAX press release announcing this also mentioned that “some codes are worth more than others”, the more valuable ones of which are probably the hardest to find.  There will be 6 winners who will be getting their console before it is publicly available for sale, expect to see them on eBay on Monday.

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