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Published on September 11th, 2013 | by Craig Homeyard


Tomb Raider sequel, official forum now live

It was acknowledged earlier last month that the sequel to this years Tomb raider was “well into development”.  In order to acknowledge this further, Eidos has now put live the official forum for the games sequel.

The forum is currently hotting up with tonnes of debates, chief among which are the ones about what people want in the sequel.  Polls are also available to take part in as well, at the time of writing the highest ranked one of those relates to “what health option do you want to see in the sequel”.

The game is being referred to as Tomb Raider 10 (or TR10) by both Eidos and its fans at this moment in time, although we fully expect a non numeric title to be eventually assigned to the game.

It is quite apparent that Eidos will be using these forums as an instrument to get a better idea of what people actually want in the games sequel.  When Tomb Raider was released earlier in the year it was praised for it’s innovative single player experience but panned for it online multiplayer component, it’s things like these that Eidos will want to get right moving into the next generation of consoles.

You can sign up to and take part in all of the forum discussions here at

The game has been announced as being in development, and will be arriving on next generation consoles.

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