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Published on February 13th, 2014 | by Craig Homeyard


Titanfall Beta Codes Incoming Tonight

You’d better have your mouse cursors poised and ready on those email inbox refresh buttons, as tonight is the night that you will find out if you’ve been lucky enough to get into the Titanfall beta or not. Respawn Entertainment confirmed today that the first batch of codes will be sent out via email later tonight, but sadly did not specify an exact time. If I were you I think its best if you just keep a close eye on your emails for the next couple of hours.

Vincent Zampella, the Respawn Entertainment co founder confirmed the arrival of the beta codes by tweeting¬†“Codes should be sent out later tonight, I’m not saying times because they always seem to hit the button early!” The beta will be coming out for the Xbox One and PC, there has been no word on the Xbox 360 version of the game having a beta, but it’s not expected to show up as it was recently announced that this version of the game has been delayed.

For all of you YouTubers out there, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Titanfall beta will not come under a¬†NDA, otherwise known as a Non Disclosure Agreement. This means that you can copy of the footage and then upload it to game streaming websites such as Twitch, or video sites such as YouTube, without being slapped on the wrist for breaking copy writes or showing off confidential information.

It was also confirmed today that PC version of Titanfall will be supporting something called the “insane texture resolution”, we don’t know if this’ll bump up the resolution or not, but it sounds like a very cool feature that we can’t wait to try out once the beta is finally available.

The Titanfall beta is set to roll out tomorrow which is Valentines Day funnily enough. It seems like a lot of guys will end up being single on the 15th this year, at least it was for a worthwhile cause though.

You can pre order Titnafall now in time for release date right here.

Titanfall launches for everyone on the 11th of March in North America and on March the 14th everywhere else.

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