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Published on January 9th, 2014 | by Craig Homeyard


The Next GTA Online Update Will Remove All Glitched GTA$

One problem that has become absolutely massive in the world of GTA Online is the fact that people can glitch literally billions of dollars worth of in game currency without even breaking a sweat. This is something that Rockstar is keen to address, but at this moment in time they have yet to do anything about it. However it seems that all of this manipulation could soon be at an end, as the next update to GTA Online is looking to set the record straight with all of these players that have cheated the system.

One player recently made his way onto the official Rockstar support website, and stated “Rockstar can u plz take my money away! I have 12billion from modders and don’t want it!”. Understandably there are people out there that just want to play the game and enjoy it, and there are unsuspecting victims of these hackers and glitchers too, just like this person here. Rockstar quickly responded and revealed what they are planning to do about the problem, they responded with, “Once the upcoming fix is released, modded money will be removed from your account automatically.” They also went on to say “More details about the patch will be available soon, both here and on newswire.”

It’s not yet clear that if you have received any glitched GTA$ and have spent this money, if you will have your items that you have purchased confiscated as well. It would seem like the best thing to do, and will restore balance back to the game, as people running around the streets with three tanks at a time isn’t fun for anyone.

There has been no word on when the new update will hit, or what the rest of the fixes and additions will be, however we expect that it will be sooner rather than later in light of all of that has occurred in GTA Online recently.

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If you’ve received excessive amounts of GTA$ let us know in the comments section below about your thoughts.

Source Rockstar Support

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