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Published on January 8th, 2014 | by Craig Homeyard


Slender: The Arrival Coming To Xbox 360 And PS3 Soon

For the strict console gamers among us, you may not of played the critically acclaimed Slender: The Eight Pages before, or its remake Slender: The Arrival. Both outings were strictly for the PC and have not yet graced the presence of game consoles yet, until now that is.

Console gamers will now be able to experience the terror of their PC gaming cousins as it has been revealed that Slender: The Arrival will be coming to an Xbox 36o and PS3 near you soon. There has been no final release date given for the game, however it was revealed that it will be available for download at some point during Q1 of 2014.

Console gamers will also be getting a bit of an added bonus with the game as well. It has been revealed that Slender: The Arrival will be shipping with two additional ”flashback levels”. These levels will unlock after the main story has been completed in the game, the flashback levels serve as a prequel to the main storyline and will delve deeper into the victims that Slender Man has already touched.

PC users shouldn’t worry about missing out on anything in terms of content. The flash back levels will be added to Steam as free DLC once the game has finally launched on consoles.

You can still play the original Slender: The Eight Pages completely free of charge. It runs in your browser and requires no instillation either, so why not check it out? You can access and play it here

Nearly out of Xbox Live membership and worried about missing out on Slender: The Arrival? You can currently get a 12 month Xbox Live Gold subscription for just $53 on Amazon, that’s $10 off!

All that’s left to be seen now is how much the game will retail for, if it will be a digital only title and when its exact release date will be. Are you ready to get scared senseless by Slender Man?

Source: Euro Gamer

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