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Published on September 10th, 2013 | by Craig Homeyard


Sims 4 screenshot leaked

A screenshot from The Sims 4 has surfaced online that appears to show how in game items and moods will influence one another.  The image is titled “discover new things to do with your furniture – whatever mood your Sim is in!”

The image shows three in games items that can be purchased for a Sims house, but rather than just showing us the item, its price and what its function is, we get a description of the multiple different actions our Sims will be able to undertake with each object.

In true Sims fashion the descriptions feature their own style of sarcasm and satire.  Some actions that you can apparently engage your Sim in are also slightly odd and frowned upon.  For example using the mirror whilst your Sim is elated will cause him / her to “ruin their sense of self – worth”, and if your Sim is depressed whilst going to bed he / she can “solo woohoo in a pillow fort”.  We don’t even know what to say about the last one.

So your Sim can “solo woohoo” with itself… right…

What do you think of the above actions and moods?  Do you think they are over the top?  Or are they simply marking a return to the usual Sims style of comedy.

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