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Published on September 5th, 2013 | by Craig Homeyard


MechWarrior Online launches September 17th

Piranha Games has today unveiled a series of figures along with the Saber Package for Mech Warrior Online.  The package is an upgrade to its PROJECT PHOENIX which is a special pre order program for the game.

The figures that were released show an impressive adoption rate of the packages, this gives a great indication that people are getting ready to experience the robotic carnage that will come when the game releases in its full form on September the 17th.

Statistics show that there has been a steady growth of 10% month over month among the online community on the game.  These figures obviously apply to the beta which is now in it’s final stages.  The reasons behind the increase of users are put down to “player-friendly features”, these include a new tutorial, balance and combat enhancements, the new third-person view and new Mechs give people another reason to return to the game and bring their friends along as well. New content additions are planned over the next few months as well, this news comes after it was revealed concurrent user numbers are at an all-time yearly high.

The Sabre Package serves as an addition to the PROJECT PHOENIX package.  For $30 extra you will get access to two new classic ‘Mechs: The Wolverine and the Griffon.  The Phoenix variants of each come equipped with a 30 percent C-Bill earning boost, a 10 percent loyalty point boost, limited edition camo spec pattern and colors. As a bonus, the Saber Package also includes two standard variants of both the Griffon and Wolverine, Overall you will be getting access to 6 new Mechs and all their features.

A new trailer has also been released in advance of the games official launch.  It showcases the Protector Mech and all of its stats and features.  You can catch that video at the bottom of this article.

MechWarrior Online launches in final form on September the 17th.




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