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Published on December 9th, 2013 | by Craig Homeyard


Make Arma Not War, And Win $684,000

Bohemia Interactive, who are best known for making the Arma series, have announced that they are going to be hosting a contest for all the players of Arma called “Make Arma Not War”. The premise behind the contest is to encourage brand new user mods into the games world. Top tier mods will win a cash prize from a pool of 500,000 euros (or $684,750).

However Bohemia also announced that you wouldn’t necessarily have to win the contest in order to get something positive out of the competition. For the mods that are created and that “show a lot of potential”, the creators of these mods could receive a contract offer from Bohemia themselves, this would be regardless of where their entry was placed in the competition.

There is only one objective to the competition for those that enter it, this is to create an original content modification to Arma 3. Participants to the competition will enter themselves into four different categories, these are Total Modification, Singleplayer Game Mode, Multiplayer Game Mode and Addon. The main award of $273,900, will be given to the winner of the Total Modification category, all the winners of the other categories will win scaled rewards which will vary depending on where their entries are placed overall. Here is an idea of what kind of payouts there will be, first place winners will rake in €50,000 ($68,475), second placers will get €30,000 ($41,085) and those in third will get €20,000 ($27,390). Ten finalists will be selected for most categories (20 for Single player), with the victors being selected according to four equally-weighted attributes: Technical Quality, Originality, Experience and Presentation.

You can place your application for Make Arma Not War right now, but it won’ be accepted until some point during 2014. The closing date for submissions is October the 28th 2014 and the winner of the overall contest will be announced on January the 15th 2015, so you’ll have plenty of time to submit your application and work on your entry.

If you’d like to take part in Make Arma Not War but don’t have the game, you can currently pick it up on for $50 along with free shipping.

If you’re looking for inspiration within your mods for the competition, we suggest that you take a look at Day Z. This Arma mod has practically spawned its own community and game, and as a result of being so successful it’s now getting a standalone game. This just goes to show that the power of Arma’s community can really make dreams come true for independent developers.

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