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Published on September 19th, 2013 | by Craig Homeyard


GTA V’s voice actors and a bit about them

Trevor, Franklin, and Michael.  The main protagonists of GTA V, and the characters you ultimately play as and interactive with throughout the game.  If you have played the game and you were simply to hear the voice of one of the characters, you would be able to tell who that character was straight away.  But what about the real world, if you were to pass the real world voice actors of Michael, Franklin and Trevor would you know who they are and what they look like?

The answer to that last question is probably not, which is why we have decided to tell you a bit about them and their previous endeavours.

The first person in the above picture is Steven Ogg.  Steven, before GTA V appeared in the film Giving It Up, however you may also recognise his voice being lent to Vinnie, who was a character in the video game adaptation of Alone In The Dark.  As we all know, he has now found widespread stardom for lending his voice to the GTA character Trevor Phillips.

The second person is Shawn Fonteno.  Unlike Steven Ogg he has not got any other voice acting credits to his name, however he has appeared in two previous films called The Wash and 3 Strikes.  In Grand Theft Auto V Shawn voices the character Franklin Clinton.

Last but not least is Ned Luke.  Like Shawn Ned has no other voice acting credits, however he has appeared in two other films called Citation Of Merit and Rover Dangerfield.  he has also been a guest star on the hit TV show Boardwalk Empire.  However we all know him now as the voice of Michael De Santa.

It is rumoured that GTA voice actors are paid handsomely for their time and effort, which is probably why they are always so good.  It is rumoured that Michael Hollick, who was the voice of Niko Bellic in GTA IV, was paid $100,000 for only two weeks in the sound room recording all of his lines.  With three actors this time around we can start to see why Grand Theft Auto V is the most expensive video game of all time.

On a final note, if you look at each voice actor you will be able to see the slight resemblance’s of their in game characters.  Perhaps this is something that Rockstar has done in order to keep up the illusion of a perfect video game.

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