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Published on January 5th, 2014 | by Craig Homeyard


GTA Online Community Patch Wishlist

There’s no denying that Grand theft Auto V and GTA Online is a very community driven game, after all there are so many social aspects about the game, such as a phone that you can use to phone other players, and then there is the Rockstar Social Club too. All of these are used by tens of thousands of people daily, most of which are playing GTA V right now.

With such an active community then, it is to be expected that they will make requests about game changes and future inclusions from time to time.

This is exactly what has happened as well. The official GTA V Reddit, which is now over 100,000 members strong, has put a list of changes, fixes and inclusions that they would like to see added in a future patch of the game. All of these requests currently apply to GTA Online, a lot of them are pretty decent suggestions too, check out the full list below.

  1. No Auto-aim for crew members & friends. Also no automatic melee kill when in close proximity , this has ruined friendships
  2. pegasus delivers for an additional fee
  3. Ammunition used in missions/jobs doesn’t affect free-mode
  4. molotovs available from ammunation
  5. tanks have a 48 min (1 day in-game day) cooldown if destroyed
  6. not having to wait for people to like & dislike to leave after an activity
  7. don’t automatically change my weapon, if I pick up a technically better one
  8. Stop automatically giving me the pistol, its shit and I don’t want it.
  9. if killed 5 times in a row, be given the option to spawn at your apartment
  10. A way to have your favorite radio station as the default, not channel X every time
  11. After taking a photo, option to close camera
  12. button to accept climb ladders
  13. button to prompt leaving the garage on foot
  14. wearing headphones actually plays radio when on foot
  15. when finished a mission from martin, don’t spawn me down the bottom of the hill and my car at the top
  16. Stop inviting every single person i know immediately when we join a random job! have to OPTION to invite friends/crew when your not hosting
  17. Stop having people calling me all the time, serves absolutely NO purpose
  18. longer (maybe 3 minutes?) options for hiding on the map from lester
  19. A ‘hands up’ action to show your friendly
  20. able to surrender to the police on lower stars using the hands up action
  21. no wanted level for shooting another player (will eliminate so much rage, people love citywide deathmatches)
  22. Crew leaders can kick members from the game instead of the social club, where everyone has different names, private profiles and unlinked accounts
  23. stealth skill now affects how quickly you can escape the police, also gets boosted accordingly
  24. completing the ‘vehicle thief’ (steal 500 cars) award gives you a slim-jim, like franklin has.
  25. different body type options for players
  26. Option to have no shoes
  27. transport vehicles safely in titan
  28. buzzard only spawns in the military base (its more expensive than a tank, make it just as scarce)
  29. Option to hide activities on the map. Another really useless feature
  30. Option to buy a black jet lvl 120+
  31. content creator browser & separate quick job
  32. Able to have shots (alcohol) with friends
  33. Take away the gang attack at Trevor’s airfield
  34. Topless strippers. Place is always empty, it would be much more popular this way
  35. Some hairstyles for women that aren’t from the 60′s
  36. Tear gas is now more like a smoke bomb, cancelling auto-aim
  37. Able to select your online character, for the single player heists.

If you want to join all of this online carnage, you can currently pick up GTA V for just $39.99 on Amazon.

Overall we concur with this list and think that 95% of these ideas should be added into the game. Rockstar if your reading this right now, you know what to do.

Source: Reddit

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