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Published on February 14th, 2014 | by Craig Homeyard


Experience The Evil Within On August 26th

The Evil Within is arguably the most anticipated horror game that has been announced for release this year. Up until now there has been no confirmation of an exact release date for the game, but today Bethesda have finally told us that we can get ready to soil ourselves playing The Evil Within on August the 26th.

Legendary game director Shinji Mikami, who is best known for bringing us the original Resident Evil games is directing The Evil Within. He’s already stated that it’s strictly a survival horror affair, and that we shouldn’t expect the action oriented gameplay that Resident Evil is now known for. I guess that means there will be plenty of jump scares then, especially if you go off of the videos and artwork that has already been released for the game.

The game will be available on August the 26th in North America, and on August the 29th everywhere else. There will be no platform favouring with the release of the game either, as it will come out on the PC, Xbox One and PS4 at the same time, as well as the last gen platforms too.

It’s been nearly a year now since The Evil Within was first announced back in April last year. There has been very little information released about the game since then apart form a graphic gameplay video and a spooky little trailer which you can view for yourself here.

Bethesda who are developing the game under Mikami’s guidance, released this image and a gif via their Twitter account earlier today. It definetley shows that we are in for a violent ride with this game, you can see the image below.


You can currently pre order The Evil Within in time for release date right here. You’ll also get free shipping with the game as an added bonus.

Will you be getting The Evil Within on release date? Let us know in the comments section below.

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