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Published on August 23rd, 2013 | by Craig Homeyard


Elder Scrolls Online costs $15 a month!

People were hyped when they heard that the Elder Scrolls Online was coming.  A console and PC MMO of the longstanding single player franchise was now getting a multiplayer component.

That hype however, has now been smashed… into Oblivion.

ZeniMax have announced the price that they will be charging for the subscription in the game, and you’d better have deep pockets because it’s $15 a month.  And that sucks.

Don’t forget that you actually have to buy the game on top of the $15 a month fee, so before you even start paying you have literally shelled out $75, and then you have to keep on paying after that.  You can expect to pay out over $150 in the first year and that works out the same as three AAA titles would cost on their own.

The news of the monthly cost has been labelled as exuberant by a large portion of the people that were going to buy the game.  This is a very controversial topic for ZeniMax, and it could ultimately make or break The Elder Scrolls Online when it is released on the next generation consoles and PC.

ZeniMax has stuck to their guns on this and have argued that the cost of the online subscription will allow them to bring a fully sustained world complete with additional content and expansions once it has been released.  Of course there will be discounts on packages for membership, so if you buy several months worth of subscription in one go you should get some money off, so that is worth bearing in mind.

In it’s defense The Elder Scrolls Online is a massive project and undertaking at ZeniMax, and no doubt costs hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions in order to get it ready for the mass market.  This could justify the price that they are asking, but on the other hand you just need to look at World Of Warcraft and ask yourself… “Am I getting a better deal with them?”.

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