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Published on December 6th, 2013 | by Craig Homeyard


Console Hardware Sales Week Ending November 30th

As the PS4 and the Xbox One now start to get into their strides after being released, will we start to see a slow down in their sales as the launch hype starts to subside a little? Probably not, as Christmas is just around the corner and every kid has one of these consoles at the top of his/hers list to Santa.

The global console hardware sales for the week ending of November the 30th are now in. Lets take a look at the figures and see if the PS4 and Xbox One are still as popular now as when they were at launched a couple of weeks ago.

  1. Nintendo 3DS 1,292,585
  2. Sony PS4 955,435
  3. Sony PS3 486,702
  4. Microsoft Xbox 360 480,696
  5. Microsoft Xbox One 401,035
  6. Nintendo WiiU 274,179
  7. Nintendo Wii 181,061
  8. Sony PSP Vita 156,486
  9. Sony PSP 62,943
  10. Nintendo DS 60,746

As we can see the Nintendo 3DS still reins supreme at the top of the sales chart, even after being released more than two years ago it’s still managing to sell in excess of a million units a week at the moment, with Christmas just around the corner that number is probably only going to increase as well. The PS4 had another great week and sold just shy of a million units again, this would mean that its total units sold would now be around the 3 million mark. The xbox one did pretty well too and managed to sell just over 400,000 units, it was however outsold by the Xbox 360, this is down to cheap bundles and deals attracting customers to it still. The bottom three positions on the chart are taken up by hand helds, it appears that the PSP Vita is still struggling against its older rivals.

Are you thinking of getting any of these for Christmas? Let us know in the comments section below.

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