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Published on September 8th, 2013 | by Craig Homeyard


Chrome Nintendo 64

Ever wondered what a chromed Nintendo 64 looks like?  Someone else with a considerable amount of time and money obviously did.

A series of images have been released online that appear show the controller of the Nintendo 64 that has been fully chromed.  It appears that whatever process was undertaken to make the controller hasn’t compromised its functionality, as it still appears to work as there are wires running out of it.  Everything right down to the buttons has had the chrome treatment, there haven’t been any photos of the console itself at this moment in time, but we presume that it is either a work in progress or something went wrong during its construction.

Here is a full image breakdown of the controller.

This person obviously has a lot of time on their hands… and money.

Having a controller like this obviously increases the wow factor of a console, but we have thought up of some serious flaws that can come along with having a fully chromed console.

1.  The smudges caused by a users hands will be absolutely horrific on this thing, if regular chrome is anything to go by.  You will literally be wiping it down and cleaning it every 20 minutes, because nobody likes smudged chrome… it’s just not natural.

2.  The weight.  Adding chrome to the controller will definitely add some weight to it as well.  We think that you will need to have some strong wrist muscles in order to hold and game with this thing for any longer than an hour.

3.  The cost.  Chrome isn’t exactly the cheapest of substances on the planet.  In order to make the controller the plastic and all of the moving parts would have to be individually treated first, then they would all have to be individually dipped in chrome and then reassembled.  The cost of doing this based on current industry prices would be at least $300 in our books.

Obviously making one of these chromed controllers from scratch would require a lot of trial an error, patience and money.  Not to mention the drawbacks of actually using it as a day to day controller.  But if you can look past those things, you might just be remembered as one of the coolest gamers in the schoolyard.

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