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Published on October 3rd, 2013 | by Craig Homeyard


Check out Battlefield 4′s ridiculous scalable graphics

Since Battlefield 4 has now gone into beta, people are discovering what all of its new features and customization options are.  But people weren’t expecting to find out that the games already gorgeous graphics were insanely scalable.  It appears (only if you wan’t to) that you will be able to scale your graphics back to the stone age.

You just have to look at the partitioned image at the top of this article to see how low you can set the graphics on Battlefield 4.  When they are as low as they can go it seriously looks like you’re playing a game from the mid 90′s, Goldeneye immediately springs to mind, only ten times worse.

This was more than likely put into place so that it could appeal to nearly every PC player.  No matter what your system, as long as the requirements are adjusted accordingly, pretty much any PC released in the last 10 years should be able to play Battlefield 4.  Heck, you may even get it to run on Windows 98 if your that kind of desperate.

Check out the video below so yo can see some actual gameplay of Battlefield 4 in its ultra low res state.  Be warned, you may get confused with Tetris if you stare at it for too long.


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