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Published on September 12th, 2013 | by Craig Homeyard


Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, 75% off on Steam

Criterion Games smash and crash racer, Burnout Paradise is currently 75% off on Steam today.

Voted as the best racing games of 2008, Burnout Paradise has received widespread critical acclaim since its release.  The open ended Paradise City is definitely the place to be if you have the need for speed… *cough.

Currently the game is available on Steam for only $2.49, now the standard version of the game alone is worth this price, heck its worth it for its standard RRP of $9.99, but the version available on Steam at the moment isn’t simply that standard version.  The version that you will be getting if you decide to fork out your hard earned cash is the The Ultimate Box edition of the game.

The Ultimate Box includes all of the DLC added after the games initial release, as well as the full original version of the game.  This version of the game includes the addition of motorbikes, the first time that they have been present in the Burnout series.  You also get access to more roads in the form of Paradise island and a host of extra cars that are not present in the initial release of the game.

Head on over to Steam right now if you’ve never played Burnout Paradise before, as your missing out on one of the best games of this generation.  You can get the offer here but don’t be hasty as it expires soon!

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