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Published on October 29th, 2013 | by Craig Homeyard


Blockbuster goes back into administration

Film and gaming retailer, Blockbuster has re entered administration for the second time today.  It’s owners Gordon Brothers Europe announced the news via their website, they only bought the company this January after the company went into administration for the first time.

Gordon Brothers are currently trying to seek a buyer, if this cannot be done then stores will be forced to close, and with the run up to Christmas approaching this will be the last thing that Blockbuster will want on their hands.  Here is a statement released by the company earlier today.

“The need to significantly reduce costs whilst a buyer is sought will unfortunately result in 32 redundancies at Blockbuster UK’s head office.  All stores will continue trading as normal whilst a buyer is sought for the business.  In the event that a buyer cannot be found some stores may need to close.”

Fortunately for now all stores will trade as per normal, but there is a bigger problem to contend with first.  This problem is to do with people that have pre ordered the next generation of game consoles, the Xbox One and PS4.  At this moment in time Blockbuster has announced that they will not be able to honor any pre orders that have been made for the consoles.  This means that customers will have to look else where with less than a month until release date, and a severely limited supply of consoles available on the market.

Blockbuster have announced via their Twitter page that they will honor deposit refunds for the moment, but this offer will only last while the story is still trading.  So if you’ve pre ordered and want a refund I’d move quickly if I were you.

Have you pre ordered your Xbox One or PS4 with Blockbuster?  if you have let us know and voice your frustration in the comments section below.

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