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Published on September 23rd, 2013 | by Craig Homeyard


Batman: Arkham Origins “I Am The Night” mode

It seems that we will again be doing multiple run throughs of the upcoming Batman game, which is being made  by Warner Brothers.

Judging by the recent achievement list that was leaked there is a gold trophy / 70G achievement called “I Am The Night”.  This obviously points towards a mode that is very similar to the New Game Plus option that was made famous by the predecessor game, Batman Arkham City.

Things that we can be sure to expect are enhanced difficulty, lowered health and no counter icons above enemies.  This obviously makes the game harder to complete and is only intended for true grizzled veterans of the Batman games.  This time around there may be some further additions to the mode in order to make the game even harder, this would make sense as they have not retained the name sake of “New Game Plus”.

Will you be going for this achievement / trophy when the game releases at the end of October?  Or are you someone who just prefers to play the game to enjoy it, and not pull your hair out in the process?

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